Friday, 23 March 2018

Registration Advantages

We would like to encourage you to register.  Some of the advantages are:

1.  Two more items appear on your Main Menu

     A.  Officers and Committees - Listed are the names, address, and email addresses for the officers and comittee members of the Craner organization.
     B.  Members List - A listing of the known descendents of the Craner family and their addresses.  Of course this is a very incomplete list (250 names).  We know that there are many, many more who are related to this family.  Please help us identify and corrispond with them.  The reason this list is not accessible by unregistered users is to protect those who are listed from unsolicited contacts.

2.  A User Menu appears

     A.  You are able to submit your own news articles or post your comments and suggestions on this website.  We would like to hear what you think of this site and any comments you might have about the Craner family.  This is also a way you can submit pictures and family histories.
     B.  You can also submit a weblink.  If you have discovered a site on the web that maybe of interest to other family members you can place a link here.

3.  As a registered user you will be placed on our family email list.  This will ensure that you are the "First to Know" of any going's on with the Craner family organization.  We will alert you to reunions, research, temple work, and additional information posted to this site.

Increasing communication and interaction between family members is our goal. 
Register and post a note for the rest of the family to read.
  We'd love to hear from you!

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