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Monday, 10 December 2018

Formation of The Craner Family Genealogical Society 1947
Written by Mary Harding   

Burley, Idaho Aug. 17 1947

Minutes of the meeting of the Craner Genealogical Society, held at the home of Mary Harding on Sunday Aug. 17th at 10:00 A.M. with Mary as temporary chairman.

The meeting was called to perfect an organization so that united effort might be put forth in working out the genealogy of the late George Craner.

This meeting was called to order by the chairman, who called upon John T. to open with a word of prayer.

Some thirty minutes was spent by the members of the family present discussing the purpose of the organization, how it should function, who should be officers, how many officers were needed, how the research was to be carried on, how the names would be sent to the temple who should do the work that was assembled. The group felt that the president of the organization should carry the Craner name and that the genealogist should be rather close to Salt Lake and accessible to the temples used by most of the family namely Idaho Falls, Logan and Salt Lake.

Officers elected are as follows President- Dr. H.E. Craner; Vice Pres. John T. Craner; Genealogist Leona Larson; Assistant Genealogist Emma Darrington; Historian Herbert Craner and Secy-Treasurer Mary Harding.

It was agreed that work pedigree charts should be compiled for the members of the Craner family still living and this responsibility was delegated to members of the family with Vice Pres. John T. responsible to encourage the members to get their work completed and submitted to the Organization by or before the next meeting, which would probably be the summer of 1948. Assignments made as follows.

Ancestry of John Craner, John T. and Ruth; Ancestry of Fredrick and Martha, Emma; Ancestry of John J. Craner by Dr. G.E. Craner; Annie to contact the Craners of Southern California and Bill to contact the Craners in near Utah and Idaho Cities.

As Arthur is working with the Stake Home Missionary work he was to contact the Idaho Falls Temple in cooperation with Leona and schedule baptisimal work at the temple for the family.

It was decided that at least for the first year all baptisimal work shall be done by members of the family either grandchildren or great grandchildren of George Craner son of George Craner, son of George Benjamin Craner.

It was agreed that since Herbert started the historical part of the family ancestral picture that he should continue to accumulate this history which may not necessarily be needed on the genealogical sheets as would be compiled by the genealogist and her assistant.

A motion was made and carried that the name of this organization be henceforth know as ?The Craner Genealogical Society?.
As it takes some money to assist in the securing of names for the pedigree charts and temple work; for the mailing of letters and other correspondence and for the copying of names from records obtained etc. a motion was made seconded and carried setting the dues for the first year, at 20.oo per family for each of the nine members of this family which are now living. It was felt that this amount would be a start and that next year new members could be added and the amount of dues to be paid could be amended.

Prayer was offered by Arthur, after which the meeting was adjourned until the summer of 1948 or until a special meeting be called by the President.

Mary Harding

It was also agreed that names should be sent to the Logan and Idaho Falls Temples and the members of the family could ask friends to assist in doing the endowments work. Such names to be kept in the family record department under the Craner name and members of the family night call for them when doing work in the Temple.


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