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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

2012 Reunion

Good Times, Good People, Good Food

Attending the 2012 Reunion was most enjoyable.  Met some people I didn't know, renewed acquaintenance with some I did, and found out where to go to learn more about my Craner roots.  Here are a few pictures  taken throughout the day.


George Craner (1857) Book

Our Cousin Gregory Craner has just made available to us all the wonderful book he compiled about George Craner (1857) and his wife Mary Caroline Adams.  There is a wealth of information, wonderful pictures and stories and a lot of genealogy presented here.  You may download his book by going to the following website address:  

I am sure you will enjoy the book.  Gregory explains in the Preface that most of the information was compiled by his father Herbert Craner.

If you would like a hard copy of this book you may purchase one ($11.98) by going to  Type in the search box "Craner".  Some of Gary's books will appear one of them being the George Craner (1857) book.



Lubitti Books

ATTENTION:  Copies of the books "George Craner, A Rescuer of the Hodgen Wagon Comany" and "My Nauvoo Ancestors" written by  Sheri Bowen Libutti  were just place on this website.  You can read the books by clicking on "Biographies and Stories" on the main menu and then clicking on the title.  Sheri did an excellent job researching the information presented in these books.  They are a very enjoyable read.  

If you would like a paper copy of these books Sheri has them available.  You may contact her at  -   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Reunion 2012 Date Set

Renovation on the George Craner home is complete, the Tooele Chamber of Comerce has moved in and it's time to get together for a reunion and walk through.  Our steering committee has chosen June 2nd 2012 as the day to gather in Tooele, Utah.

 Mark you calendar, call your relatives, spred the news and plan on being there.

Our Tentative agenda for the day is as follows:

10:00 - Registration and Social Hour.  Tour of the Craner Home

11:00 - Welcome and Introductions - Bob Carmody

11:30 - Family History Presentations

Life sketch of the Craners and the Rock Home - Gary Craner

LDS New Family Search Website - "Where to go to find my Ancestors" - John Larson

Craner Google Group, Family Business - Bob Carmody 

1:00 - Lunch & entertainment

2:00 - Tours of cemetery, library memorial, museum

3:30 - Gather to the Rock Home for Sharing Time and ice cream

Tooele Chamber of Commerce

The Tooele Chamber of Commerce has completely renovated and updated our George Craner home in Tooele and are making it their new office building.  There is going to be an open house and dedication ceremony in May or June of this year.  Their magazine featured a picture of the home on the front cover.  Beth Sorensen supplied some pictures and a written history of George's life which were published in the magazine.  The pictures and associated articles are presented here.  A few family members thought that this would be a great time to have a Craner Reunion in Tooele.  We could all attend the dedication and tour the home.  We still need to set a couple of headstones in the Tooele Cemetery.  And it would be nice to review stories and work on the family lines.  Robert Carmody our family Chairman is getting the whole thing organized.  Write to him at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and let him know you are willing to help with the reunion.

Just click on the picture below to enlarge it.  Click on it again to make it bigger yet. 

craner_article_1.jpg craner_article_2.jpg craner_article_3.jpg


Craner's and the New Family Search

Okay,  here is a story of interest to the whole family.  The Craner Line is now on the New Family Search (  We all need to go there and look at the records that have been submitted and make them the best that they can possibly be.  We need your help and your dedicated service.  

The website is available to all members of the LDS church now.   There you can view the entire pedigree chart for the Craner line.  All the records that we have on this website are on the website.  You must use this website to prepare names for temple work.  As you do work on this site you can attach your name to the work you do.  This allows everyone working on the site to see who is contributing information and how to contact them.  There is now a discussion feature associated with each name.  So if your information does not match what is on the site you can add your comments and references.  

You are encouraged to create an account and log on to the site.  if you have information about the Craner family that does not appear please add it.  We all want to make our family records as complete and accurate as possible.


2008 Reunion
 Click here to download our Printable Flyer

oakley.jpgThe Craner Family Reunion for 2008 is now over we are leaving the information and the flyer available so you maybe able to refer back to it.

Here is an idea of what we have planned:

WHEN:  July 19, 2008 10:00am to 4:00pm
WHERE:  Oakley, Idaho Stake Center
WHAT:  Registration and Gathering
              Craners in England Power Point Presentation
              Craners in Oakey

              Family Records and the world wide web

               Picnic and entertainment

               Family organization meeting
               Family Pictures and Sibling reunions

Tour of the Oakley Cemetary

We plan to have an opportunity for everyone who has some craner history and pictures to share or display what they have.  So, dig through your old stuff and bring it with you.

We'd like to spend a little time connecting the pedigree chart to those who are living so bring your 4 generation sheets.

In short let's make it a great time for sharing and getting to know our cousins who have also descended from such great people.

 Click here to download our Printable Flyer
Registration Advantages

We would like to encourage you to register.  Some of the advantages are:

1.  Two more items appear on your Main Menu

     A.  Officers and Committees - Listed are the names, address, and email addresses for the officers and comittee members of the Craner organization.
     B.  Members List - A listing of the known descendents of the Craner family and their addresses.  Of course this is a very incomplete list (250 names).  We know that there are many, many more who are related to this family.  Please help us identify and corrispond with them.  The reason this list is not accessible by unregistered users is to protect those who are listed from unsolicited contacts.

2.  A User Menu appears

     A.  You are able to submit your own news articles or post your comments and suggestions on this website.  We would like to hear what you think of this site and any comments you might have about the Craner family.  This is also a way you can submit pictures and family histories.
     B.  You can also submit a weblink.  If you have discovered a site on the web that maybe of interest to other family members you can place a link here.

3.  As a registered user you will be placed on our family email list.  This will ensure that you are the "First to Know" of any going's on with the Craner family organization.  We will alert you to reunions, research, temple work, and additional information posted to this site.

Increasing communication and interaction between family members is our goal. 
Register and post a note for the rest of the family to read.
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